7 Important Steps to a Squeeze Page

7 Important Steps to a Squeeze Page

Squeeze page, also known as landing page, lead capture page, landing page and gateway page are all similar web pages that you must draw your visitors attention the moment they enter to your site. Having a high targeted list is one of the best ways to do this.

A regular web user will crowded with a lot of information and he will not be able to read all the text, advertisements and graphics. Even if your headline is the one that immediately appears on the screen, it can still be seen.

With other web sites, the content is placed on the side page which is more inviting, with a free offer that is just enough to entice the reader on reading the rest of the information page.

As a result, people will tend to land on these pages first. It is important for you to have a wide range of contact details and key messages that will tend to capture the attention of your visitors at a glance. You must present 7 valuable points that will lead them to do what you want them to do especially giving their name and e-mail addresses.

Here are the seven tips:

  1. Research your market and your business well just to be prepared for any problem that may pop up. Be familiar with the latest news, trends and demands, as well as your competition.
  2. Offer a valuable free report depending on the complexity of the product to lead your visitors and make them subscribed to your e-mail list. There are free reports that you can recommend and use properly for your benefit.

You must devise a good mechanism as to how you will be able to capture your visitors’ contact information. Ask yourself if it can be done through an e-mail, phone, or any other means such as taking them to a pokerace99 page.

  1. Next is to make sure that the people will know who you are and why your information is valuable for your market. You must understand their problems and know how can they solve them.

You must keep in mind their urgency in wanting to get rid of their problems by solving them through your products and services. It is important for you to express to your visitors why they need to visit your site and what kind of products or services your can offer them in exchange of their email address.

  1. Building a relationship with your list is another important step to make them feel comfortable. Going into a long roundabout of building a relationship and disseminating your message to them, you would soon lose their attention.
  2. Place your subscription forms or you can have it appear as a pop-up whenever visitor enter your site
  3. Have a well-written title for you website. There are more internet users who enter your site through search engines and it is thus crucial to your website to be friendly to search engines
  4. Last but not the least, present in your website all the benefits they can get from your products. The benefits that you can provide them in exchange of their subscription is equally important. Be upfront in emphasizing the benefits.