Why People Are Losing at Poker – This Tip Will Help You to Become a Winning Poker Player

Have you ever wondered why you often lose at playing your favourite poker game?

Is it because of the fact that you are doing it wrong, or perhaps you are doing it perfectly but you are not winning at poker?

The fact is, probably a combination of both and the reason why you lose at poker is because of the combination of these two reasons.

So, what is the way that you can overcome this and be a winning poker player?

Well, if you haven’t already read the second article in the series on why people don’t win at poker, I strongly suggest you do so before you continue.

In this article, we will discuss the fact that the best players are also the ones who make the best decisions.

The one thing about good poker players is that they know the value of information.

This is the fact for instance that you have a pair of aces and you are quite sure there is not a straight and flush on the table, because anyone would call that.

If you are quite certain there are not five cards of a straight and flush on the table, you can also bet aggressively, or even go all in, because your odds of winning are much higher, than the players who assume there are lots of cards, but they cannot make a decision because they have been spilt.

This is the essence of the information advantage.

When you know the probability of there being a made hand, you also know the probability of there not being a made hand.

This is the basis why it is high time you pushed yourself to become a better player by utilising this informational advantage.


One of the most important factors of the game of poker is position.

The further you are to the dealer the better.

Online poker strategies will often tell you to play aggressively in the first position.

This is only half of the story.

In the first position you have to be even more aggressive.

You want to steal blinds not just from the button, but from the cutoff and Action.

These are your money makers.

But be careful and don’t fall in to the trap of playing too tight in the first position.

Too loose a player in the first position and hat just leads to problems.

No Strategy

At all times you only want to have very basic solid if not no strategy poker game.

The best way to do it is to learn from each hand you play and ask yourself following questions

  1. Do I have a good hand?
  2. Should I play this hand?
  3. What do I have chances of winning?
  4. How much money do I need for this hand?

If you can’t answer then the only option left is to fold.

This is the hardest thing to do and the biggest source of losses for new players.

They wait for a good hand and then they start betting wildly and lose generally.

This doesn’t happen to the best poker player and luckily for you they are probably sitting next to you at the table!

Super Easy!

This is really the only thing that you need to succeed in poker.

You need to start asking yourself questions like this and and evolve a strategy for the correct answer.

Now then, the more you practice at these different levels the more you will be able to ascertain in advance, what your chances are of winning a hand, or seeing another one, or even if there is another player to your left or right you can decide not to play if the odds are against you.

This evolution of your poker skills is a result of what poker pros have been doing for years and if you wish to emulate them then good luck!

Good luck playing against the unknown.