How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

I love to play cards. I love to play casino games. Have you ever had a chance to play cards with a friend or at a casino? It kind of takes you back to your childhood days. What do you remember? When you were small and your family lived in this small town, every family member knew how to play cards. You went to your grandparents house on Saturday’s or Families Day to play cards.

Everyone played cards. Cards were brought up in the family home and we played cards in the Poker88 room table. We played cards during break time at work, lunch, or at any time we had together during the work week. We played cards when we got together with our moms, fathers, grandfather, and friends. There were jokers that came with the home. We would ripped them off the cards and put them in our wallets or pockets.

I still remember my father, who was a card player as much as I was. He would take the cards from his wallet and split them in half. He would count the edges on the cards and then flip the cards to the player on his left to get them to be turned face up. My father was a gambler and a poker player as much as I was. He loved to have a hand of poker cards at home and he loved to play cards.

Saturdays were reserved for the poker games. My father would get all the eligible men to go to the homosexual club at the local golf course and let them purchaser one card each. We would play our regular cards along with some of the Fancy cards the buxom woman sold us. We would play Beat the Bank, Be a millionaire, PKR, Vegas double action, let it ride and let it ride bonus.

I still remember my first weekend in Las Vegas. I took a Greyhound bus to Arches and we stopped at each station to buy our tickets. One of the forms of payment the casinos were offering was a check. You knew what it was, a check was a way to get money in the house fast. The tickets were probably the only thing the casinos were not losing when they offered them. It made a lot of people wealthy overnight. how could the casinos stay open 24/7?

As long as I live, I will never forget watching that bus go by as I pull out of the driveway in my camiera sandals, socks covered in mildew. All I can say is I wish I went there today.

I wonder what they must be offering in Vegas these days since all the high rollers being thrown into Arches by Dame Fortune are gone. It might be best if I just stuck to the Mets and thetxt.

You have to wonder what the casinos are doing with all the money they are receiving in Florida. Templeton maybe?

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